Our Many Levels of Membership

Just like an effective manager, CIM offers flexibility within its membership structure by providing many options:

- Accredited members are those who, having met the Institute's requirements are entitled to use the professional designations, C.I.M, P.Mgr. or F.CIM.

GENERAL MEMBER - General members are:
a) Individuals who do not qualify under other classifications but, by virtue of their background, education and/or experience wish to hold membership for purposes of their own general interest
b) Graduates of the Institute's 2-year "Certificate in Supervisory Management" course requirements
c) Those who have generally met the admission criteria for the Education programs(s) and are currently enrolled in those programs

CORPORATE MEMBER - This category will include persons within organizations and groups that have paid the required membership fees.(See Corporate Programs section)

CAMPUS MEMBER - Eligible Campus members are those who have enrolled in a full-time degree, diploma or certificate program at a Canadian university or college which is participating in the CIM campus membership program.  Students must maintain Campus membership throughout their academic program in order to qualify for credit towards the C.I.M. designation without the necessity of a credit application form.

Upon graduation from the college, the student must join the Institute as a member in the classification for which they qualify.  Prior to receiving the C.I.M. certificate and designation, a graduating student must:
a) complete all subjects required
b) retain CIM campus membership during the above period to satisfy the Institute that they have attained the required degree of professionalism

LIFE MEMBER - Life member recognition is garnered to a member of the Institute who is recognized as contributing exemplary service to the Branch and/or at the National level.

Admission Requirements*
Persons seeking admission  to the educational programs of the Institute will be admitted according to the criteria established by the Institute.  Please fill out our "contact us" page for complete admission requirement information.

*Where applicable.  

About the Canadian Institute of Management

The Canadian Institute of Management is Canada's senior management association. As a non-profit organization, the Institute was established in 1942 and is dedicated to enhancing managerial skills and professional development. Currently, there are 17 branches coast-to-coast with the National Office in Barrie.

Since its inception, the Institute has helped over 55,000 managers to develop a broadly based education in management skills with a rich and diversified series of programs from individual courses to professional designation.

The Institute's programs are available through many educational institutions in cities across Canada. The programs are also available in a variety of forms and structures:

  • National accredited study programs offered through universities and colleges
  • International recognition of individual achievement
  • Contact with practicing management professionals
  • Local branch activities and services including workshops and seminars
  • Self-study programs for maximum flexibility

CIM Then and NowCIM Then and Now

At its Annual Conference, June 20-23, 2002, the Canadian Institute of Management celebrated its 60th Anniversary, and its proud achievement of fostering the development of talented managers throughout Canada. For this occasion CIM published a booklet, entitled "CIM - Then & Now - Celebrating 60 years of Excellence", a copy of which is available for downloading in PDF format below.

Click here to download the 19 page CIM Then and Now booklet in PDF format.


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